Born and raised in the south-west of France, Didier studied arts in Toulouse then Paris before becoming the Artistic Director of a French renowned culinary magazine. 

Since he was a child, his mother and grandmother have transmitted to him the passion and the taste for a simple, tasty traditional cuisine using local produce such as vegetables from the garden and farm products. His strategic position at the heart of a magazine specialized in food and drinks introduced him to both the best specialists of French gastronomy and a large number of small producers allowing him to develop a strong expertise with the new trends in food and eating habits.


Arnaud-Pierre was born in Limoges (west-central France). He went to senior high school there, and graduated from Lyon University before settling in Paris where he worked for communication, merchandising and marketing in the fields of fashion and design.

The grandson of cheese mongers in a covered market, his passion for wine, gastronomy and local products came also from another side of his family, owners of vineyards in Burgundy.



Arnaud-Pierre and Didier jointly founded in 2012 a micro publishing house (Kaiserin Editions) focused on contemporary art and photography through artists' books, catalogues and thematic monographies. By publishing limited edition prints, multiples and curating exhibitions for galleries and institutions, Kaiserin Editions brings together the specific fields of edition, graphic design and contemporary art. 

Both attracted by Iceland, its culture and traditions, and after traveling around the country many times, they decided to move there in October 2015 with the aim of opening the (probably) most northerly French gourmet food shop in the world and sale their exclusive/niche products, ordered directly from small and medium-sized producers (without the need for intermediaries).