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The art of jams

Lise Bienaimé, the founder of La Chambre aux Confitures, gave up her career (marketing for famous cosmetic companies) in order to follow her passion. She decided to specialize in jams, one of her passions. She takes time to develop every single one of her recipes together with specialists. The jams are guaranteed homemade, without artificial ingredients. You can eat them by the spoon, spread them on your French "baguette" in the morning or integrate them into your cooking or cocktails. La Chambre aux Confitures offers a huge variety of different jams, chutneys, special jams to go with cheese and other salty dishes, as well as chocolate spreads. Dangerously good!


Refined French-style honeys

Exclusively born out of the wonderfully rich floral heritage of France, each and every type of Hédène’s monofloral regional honey offers a wide range of unique tastes, colors and textures for an unforgettable tasting experience.

Lavander, acacia, blackberry, rosemary, oak, chestnut or alder-buckthorn honeys... everyone will find what they are looking for in order to sublimate their breakfast, brunch, snack, cup of tea or favorite recipes.


From father to son since 1832

A range of three extra-virgin olive oils (selected and sponsored by leading chefs), 3-year-old Greek balsamic vinegar, Kalamata olives and bunches of oregano (harvested by hand in the mountains of northern Greece).


Handcrafted French balsamic

Produced in the little medieval village of Bouteville, Bouteville's vinegars are carefully aged for several years in oak barrels that previously contained Cognac. Through this process, it receives a sublime and fruity note that sets it apart from Italian balsamic produced in Modena. Customers, including renowned French chefs, use this unique balsamic as an invigorating ingredient for oysters, salads and other gourmet dishes. 


Belgian fruit preservers since 1956

Belberry's deliciously balanced fruit and vegetable vinegars will ravish all healthy food lovers. Mix the vinegar with some extra-virgin olive oil and you will have a fresh and pulp-filled dressing perfect for salads, beef or halibut carpaccio, Asian inspired recipes, and other cold dishes. With its home-made ketchups, Belberry turned a standard condiment into a real gourmet table sauce. Try these unique blends of flavours on cheese-topped burgers, with grilled meat, hot dogs, vegetarian sausages, or as dipping-sauce for your French fries and tortillas chips. Your backyard barbecue will never be the same...


Flavours of Gascony's ancestral recipes

Since 1864, artisan chefs at Maison Dubernet have been cultivating a passion for the flavours of the traditional recipes from the southwest of France. These delicate and rich flavours exalt the fine ingredients of a fertile and generous land. Maison Dubernet creates inimitable recipes for whole duck foie gras, duck confits, pâtés, terrines, so that all food-gourmets can discover and share the fine and bold flavours of Gascony’s cuisine, one of the pillars of French cuisine.


The oldest family truffle enterprise in France

Founded in 1897 and managed today by the fourth generation, Maison Pébeyre supplies Périgord truffle (Tuber melanosporum) to the best restaurants in the world. In addition to fresh truffles, Maison Pébeyre offers a range of the best truffle-inspired products (preserved duck foie gras, truffle salt, truffle mayonnaise, truffle balsamic or sunflower oil)


Espelette pepper (Euskal Herria)

Espelette pepper, protected by a French AOC label is the cornerstone of Basque cuisine, where it has gradually replaced black pepper. One of the most popular spices in modern Parisian kitchens, mildly hot, it's the perfect spice for chicken, fried eggs, "piperade" (typical Basque dish prepared with oniongreen peppers, and tomatoes), and the more adventurous stir it in hot chocolate to add a little zip!


Condiments since 1861

It all began in 1861 when Alexander Bornibus opened a mustard factory in Paris’ Les Halles district. In just a few years, he became one of the kings of mustard in France, especially thanks to his efforts in terms of innovation. Alexandre Bornibus died in 1882, and the company was then handed down to his three sons who continued to ensure its development. 130 years later, the new owners are intent on restoring its image of yesteryear. With its vintage look and its refined recipes (Dijon mustard, honey mustard, "old style" whole-grain mustard, harissa...), Bornibus has now made its come back, stronger than ever before.


Appetizers & dips, Made in Provence

This little handcrafted production is guaranteed to be free of preservatives, artificial colorants or synthetic flavourings. Our selection of traditional specialities from the French Riviera (artichoke dip, tapenade, anchovy cream...) are excellent simply spread on bread or toast. Serve them simply with a Côtes-de-provence or a Bandol rosé (if you can find them at your local Vínbúðin...).


Yes you "can"... (serve tinned food at a dinner Party!)

Portugal is a nation that knows its seafood, particularly sardines, and all Jose Gourmet’s seafood is fished off the Portuguese coast. The olive oil used in their tinned seafood comes from the oldest olive groves in Portugal. Jose Gourmet continues the celebration of all things Portuguese by collaborating with local illustrators and artists for their stunning and unique packaging. 


— From plantations around the world

Bonnat Chocolatier is a well-known French chocolate manufacturer based in the town of Voiron, near Grenoble. Established in 1884, the business has been handed down from generation to generation. The current Maître-Chocolatier is Stephane Bonnat. The son, grandson, and great-grandson of chocolatiers and confectioners, he is one of two or three professionals in the world to link the complete mastery of his profession to the origin and quality of cocoa beans. All of the cocoa beans are delivered unroasted from plantations around the world (Brazil, Cuba, Ivory Coast, Sri Lanka, Indonesia...) and then crafted into bars of chocolate. Bonnat chocolate is unique. It's a beautiful journey of tastes and an open door between worlds, which will make both children and adults happy.


— Chocolatier in Damville, since 1948

For three generations, the Cluizel family has evolved amidst fragrances of chocolate. The Manufacture Cluizel developed a direct, sustainable relation with cocoa planters. This fair commitment is a pledge of quality. Michel Cluizel chocolates are handcrafted from bean to bar, made with pure cocoa butter, bourbon vanilla pod and never any soy or artificial flavorings. Cocoa beans are fermented according to a skillfully controlled technique on the planter’s premises. Then, everything is made at the Manufacture Cluizel, in Damville (Normandy). With its elegant packaging, Manufacture Cluizel shows its commitment to good sustainable forest management practices. 


Traditional French confectionery

Calissons are a traditional and popular  French candy consisting of a smooth, pale yellow, paste of candied fruit (melons and oranges) and ground almonds topped with a thin layer of royal icing. They are traditionally associated with the town of Aix-en-Provence. Our selection also includes (addictive) salted-butter caramels from Normandy and sun-kissed white nougat, rich in crunchy grilled almonds from Provence combined with the most flavoursome honey.


Sweet, très chic

Anise of Flavigny is a candy from the little village of Flavigny-sur-Ozerain in Burgundy. Anise candies were first made by the Benedictine monks of the abbey of Flavigny (founded in 719). After the French revolution, several confectioners began making this delicacy using the same recipe. Only one manufacturer remains today at the abbey, Maison Troubat, who claims to follow a recipe which has been in use since 1591. Each candy is made in a dragee process starting with a single anise seed. Over a period of 15 days it is covered with successive coats of flavored sugar syrup. The finished candy is always called "Anis" by its makers, even when the flavor is one of violet, rose, mint, lemon, or orange instead of anise.


Quality and authenticity

Our selection of hand-picked loose leaf tea supports traditional harvesting methods and offers premium flavor as well as health benefits (Earl Grey, Green Earl Grey, Sencha Kagoshima, Lapsang Souchong, Organic Orange Pekoe, Darjeeling and Red Roiboos)

Snyrtivörur og ilmkerti


Cosmétiques Cosmetics


Quality skincare for men

As a traditional soap maker, Le Baigneur develops and manufactures all of its cosmetics in its workshop in Montreuil, Seine-Saint-Denis. This human-sized company values manual labor and French know-how with its energy-free production system where man replaces the machine.

Le Baigneur aims to meet men's new expectations by creating a range of 100% natural, organic face and body care products. Le Baigneur wants to make a real contribution towards supporting sustainable development. Packaging is plastic-free, 100% recyclable, and made in France. A committed and responsible brand to moisturize, nourish and protect men's skin.



Unisex cosmetics... since 1878

Alum potassium premium, 100% natural, which Bloc Hyalin is made of, is not mixed with any chemical or synthetic product. It is recognised as the best alternative to deodorants that can contain perfume, alcohol and parabens. Smoothed on the skin, it leaves an invisible film of mineral salts which prevent the formation of the bacteria responsible for unpleasant odours. Since its creation at the end of the 1800s, Bloc Hyalin has been copied over and over. Until 1930 when a veritable marketing and communication arsenal was established. This incredible story has left a real treasure made up of advertising, old publicity material, catalogues, original packaging and press articles. This is what drives Alexis Cabanne today to re-launch a complete range made in France that remains true to the identity of the brand.

— Hyalomiel, the inimitable Hyaline jelly, has been nurturing your beauty and your looks for more than a century. Hyalomiel is a non greasy, paraben-free gel that doesn't stain. Hyalomiel beautifully moisturizes, soothes and refreshes. No synthetic process can replace the natural benefits of organic honey that makes up Hyalomiel. Use a small quantity and massage delicately on your hands or your feet. For men and women.

— Féret botanical body lotion is a favourite with elegant women & refined gentlemen. Perfect after a shower or after spending an hour or more relaxing at the swimming pool. 100% natural.

— Le Baume (The balm) will prevent chapping, cracked and dry, tight skin. At a time when we are looking for natural beauty solutions without artificial ingredients, its completely natural ingredients hydrate and calm damaged skin. 


The most ancient natural room deodorizer

​At the end of the 19th century, Auguste Ponsot discovered that Armenian households would burn Styrax as a fragrance and disinfectant. Produced since 1855 in Montrouge (France), Papier d'Arménie is a room deodorizing product sold as booklets of twelve sheets of paper each cut into three pieces, which are coated with benzoin resin, the dried sap of styrax trees. Typically, a strip of Papier d'Arménie is torn from the booklet, folded accordion-style, and placed on a heat-resistant support. The strip is lit and blown on until the paper begins to glow and release the vanilla scent characteristic of resin compounds. 


Inventive fine fragrances from Grasse, Provence

Founded in 2013, La Belle Mèche offers contemporary and minimalist scented candles. Everything is made in France : candles, fragrances, glasses and packaging. Their scented candles are made in a semi-handcrafted way. Glass filling is mechanical but the rest of the process (wick fixing, labelling, cartoning) is entirely hand made. Their candles are the perfect mix between a high quality vegetable wax and fine Provence fragrances. The essential oils are strictly selected for their qualities on mind and body."