Extra Virgin Olive Oil — N°01 

(First Harvest / November) 

Hand-picked Koroneiki olives.


500ml. / 3.750 kr.

Herbaceous fresh notes, with hints of tomato-leaf. This extra virgin olive oil will be most enjoyed with salads, steamed vegetables, raw vegetables or for seasoning.




Extra Virgin Olive Oil — N°02 

(Second Harvest / December) 

Hand-picked Koroneiki olives.


500ml. / 3.750 kr.

Hazelnut, artichoke and floral notes. This extra virgin olive oil goes best with cheeses, marinades, fresh pasta or grilled fish.




Extra Virgin Olive Oil — n°03 

(Third Harvest / January) 

Hand-picked Koroneiki olives.


500ml. / 3.750 kr.

Ripe fruit notes, with hints of almond. This extra virgin olive oil is a great match for cooked vegetables, white fish and mashed potatoes. Perfect for baking.




Bio Planète (Huilerie Moog, since 1984)

Tunisian Organic Olive Oil & Lemon


250ml. / 2.290 kr.

BIO PLANÈTE’s popular specialty O’citron will surprise you with its natural aroma of fresh lemon. It is the result of a careful and complex production process.

For O’citron, ripe olives of the wild-growing Oueslati variety are harvested by hand and sorted in the fertile mountains in the Northeast of Tunisia. Within hours, the olives are pressed along with fresh, untreated Beldi lemons. The result is an aromatic, velvety-soft oil specialty, which enthuses in particular lovers of Mediterranean cuisine. O’citron is excellent with grilled salmon, beef- or vegetable carpaccio, and lends an elegant, lively-fresh flavor to salads and desserts.



Bio Planète (Huilerie Moog, since 1984)

Italian Organic Olive Oil & Garlic


250ml. / 2.990 kr.

BIO PLANÈTE combines aromatic garlic with olive oil in one savory-fresh composition. The composition’s natural taste is so aromatic that it doesn’t need any additional flavors. 

BIO PLANÈTE partner mill in Apulia is rich in tradition and uses the characteristically Italian olive varieties Ogliarola and Cortina for this oil. With a skillfulness which comes from years of experience, the olives are expertly pressed along with fresh garlic. During this process, the garlic’s natural essential oils pass into the olive oil and lend a unique flavor to it.



Bio Planète (Huilerie Moog, since 1984)

Italian Organic Olive Oil & Chili


250ml. / 2.990 kr.

BIO PLANÈTE combines aromatic chili with extra virgin olive oil in one piquant composition. 

In Calabria – known as the « land of olive oils » – the chili peppers rest in olive oil for one month. During this period, the intense chili flavors pass into the oil. The peppers are then removed from the oil. The basis for this composition is an olive oil pressed from regional varieties Coratina and Ogliarola in our South Italian partner’s oil mill. These olives finely harmonize with the flavors of the chili peppers, also grown in Italy’s South.

This condiments olive oil brings a touch of Italy to your kitchen: With its pleasant spiciness, it is the ideal addition to meat and pasta dishes, and also lends a piquant note to salads and sauces.




Fruit and Vegetable Vinegars

200ml. / 1.750 kr.

These deliciously balanced vinegars will ravish all the healthy food lovers. Mix the vinegar with some extra virgin olive oil and you have a fresh and pulp-filled dressing perfect for salads, beef or tuna carpaccio, asian inspired recipes, and other cold dishes. Deglaze with the mango or raspberry flavors after cooking meat or poultry for a great sauce. The vinegars can also be used to prepare a marinade or you can also drizzle some over cooked dishes like grilled king prawns and vegetables.

Our range includes Black Currant Vinegar, Sweet Raspberry Vinegar, Cameroon Mango Vinegar, Kalamansi Citrus Vinegar, Fresh Lime Vinegar, Green Cucumber Vinegar.

Le Baume de Bouteville

Handcrafted French White Balsamic (3 Years Old)

L'Original. Sélection n°3. 200ml. / 3.290 kr.

Aged in oak barrel originally used for Cognac, this condiment is softer, lighter and less acid than a vinegar. It is produced from freshly harvested Ugni Blanc grapes. The taste reveals fruity and citrus notes. The bitter-sweet aroma will help reveal any flavors. 

Ideal on salads, with oysters and seafood. Try this unique balsamic condiment in an oyster tartare or roasted langoustines! Potential presence of pulp is expected. Due to a light filtering process, it is meant to protect the full aroma.




Le Baume de Bouteville

Handcrafted French Smoked Balsamic

Aged in oak barrel. 200ml. / 3.290 kr.

A high-end vinegar refined in French oak barrels, which stands out for its smoky side. Ideal on salads, with oysters and seafood. Try this unique balsamic condiment in an oyster tartare or roasted langoustines! 




Balsamic Vinegar from Modena


500ml. / 1.690 kr.

Filled into a unique bottle, with a deep brown colour and an aroma that is persistent, delicate and slightly acetic with woody overtones, this is vinegar with a balanced sweet & sour flavour – these are the legislated characteristics that define the Balsamic Vinegar, Aged in Oak and Chestnut casks for at least 2 months.




Portuguese Honey Vinegar


500ml. / 1.490 kr.

This grape vinegar is aged in French Oak Barrels for 6 months. Once aged, Portuguese honey is added to give rise to a unique sweet vinegar. Flavour your salads and deliver wonderful colours to your dishes.




Grape Vinegar with Garlic aroma


500ml. / 1.490 kr.

Aged for six months in French oak barrels with garlic cloves. Sublime and traditional with a hint of garlic flavour. Garlic vinegar helps reduce high blood pressure and helps to reduce the levels of sugar in the blood.




Maison Pébeyre

Black Truffle Oil

Black Truffle Balsamic Vinegar

100ml. / 1.450 kr.

Gift box. 2x100ml. / 2.700 kr.

Black truffle (Tuber melanosporum) oil is best paired with meats, sauces or casseroles.  It elevates pasta or risotto dishes and adds a rich depth to mashed and roasted potatoes, or omelette.


This delightfully earthy but sweet black Périgord truffle infused balsamic vinegar is a combination of a rich and intense reserve balsamic and the natural aroma of black truffle. Drizzle this delicious infusion over a rocket salad, fish, meats, mushrooms, shavings of Parmigiano-Reggiano and other cheeses, risottos, green beans and asparagus. 


Moulin de Maneyrol

Virgin Hazelnut Oil

First pressed. 200ml. / 2.990 kr.

Virgin hazelnut oil is a well-kept secret of many top chefs that use it daily adding another layer to the texture, aroma and flavor to their recipes. This 100% pure hazelnut oil gives a festive, unique touch to your meal, transforming the ordinary into extra-ordinary. It also has significant health benefits. In fact, the fatty acid composition of hazelnut oil corresponds exactly to that of olive oil, providing the same high oleic-acid content.

With pasta, potatoes and beans, hazelnut oil serves as a wonderful substitute for butter. It is spectacular with all greens (green beans, asparagus, cauliflower, sprouts) and works great with fish, cheese or carpaccio. Not recommended for cooking or frying. Keep away from sunlights.

Moulin de Maneyrol

Virgin Walnut Oil 

First pressed. 200ml. / 2.690 kr.

The mill of Maneyrol is located in the Périgord area They are a small family business that respects the traditional know-how for producing oil with the so famous walnuts from Périgord ("noix du Périgord"). Also called "Liquid gold", their oil got rewarded many times in the past two years. 

Ideal for salads or as a final touch of a warm dish made of prawns, pork or veal. Not recommended for cooking or frying. Keep away from sunlights.



Acetaia Mussini

Crema Mussini / Glaze of Balsamic Vinegar of Modena

150ml. / 2.450 kr.

A luscious condiment for drizzling over savory or sweet dishes. If you haven’t had it, we promise: You’ll be converted. With its complex flavors — sweet, sour, fruity — at its simplest use it can enhance anything grilled or roasted, including panini and other grilled sandwiches. While its origin is in Greek and Italian cuisines, it works with everything from French baked Brie to fried chicken, roasts, chops and grilled fish. Use it for marinating, dressing, or finishing any dish. Drizzle it over grilled meats, fish, and poultry. Serve with aged cheeses like parmesan or fresh ones like creamy goat. It’s a delicious surprise over fruits like strawberries or figs wrapped in prosciutto.