Bloc Hyalin. 100g. / 3.05oz / Made in France. 

Alum potassium premium 100% natural, of which Bloc Hyalin is made, is not mixed with any chemical or synthetic product. 


As a deodorant. 
It is recognized as the best alternative to deodorants that can contain perfume, alcohol and parabens. Smoothed on the skin, it leaves an invisible film of mineral salts which prevent the formation of the bacteria responsible for unpleasant odors. 

For shaving. 
Used before shaving, its astringent properties prepare the hair and make shaving easier. Used after shaving, it soothes razor rash, tones the skin and leaves a real sensation of freshness. In the case of a small cut, it prevents bleeding. Its anti-bacterial properties prevent the appearance of spots. 

Bloc Hyalin is a multi-usage solution and naturally effective for both men and women. Its anti-bacterial property prevents the appearance of spots, and in the case of a cut, prevents bleeding. 

Alum Stone + Metal Box